Unforgettable Train Journey

By Komal

It happened 17 years ago When I did not exist. On every summer vacation, my family visits my native place, i.e Rajasthan.My Dad, mom, my 7 Year old sister, and 1-year-old brother were traveling on a train to Rajasthan.

It was afternoon and they decided to take a nap since they had nothing to do much. My mother used to sleep beside my young brother while my dad took care of my sister.
They took a brief nap and woke up hours later. My mom was shocked when she found out that my brother was missing.
She started screaming and told my dad that someone might have kidnapped him. My mom started crying. Then, my dad started searching my brother all over compartment. Other passengers in the compartment joined his search for my brother. They couldn’t find him.

With no other options, my mom pulled the chain for emergency brake to seek help from TTRs and other staffs in Train.
The train halted and people crowded together outside our compartment.

My mom looked under the seat to take her slippers out. She was surprised to see my brother sleeping calmly under the seat.
Everyone were rejoiced and relieved after my brother was found. From that day, my mom used to tie his leg to the window of train.

Though I was not a part of this story, I enjoy listening the story from my mother everytime. I hope you like it as well.

By Komal, Class XII


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