Big Hero 6 - Movie Review

By Jeyashree

Hi everyone, this my first blog ..! I think I have done my best here. So let’s get started… 

My favorite movie, which I remember for life long. BIG HERO 6. I watched it as suggested by my cousins. We were in a dazzling climate with a funfilled mood when we were seeing the movie. I still remember that. I have a hobby from childhood to see many Hollywood movies. This is one of the best-animated movies ever made.

My viewing experience was unforgettable, funny, enjoyable, emotional but same time this movie also posses a mature theme.

It’s very impressive too. In this movie, there are many characters like Hiro hamada, Tadashi, Gogo tomato, Honey lemon , ferd, wasabi, and especially Baymax, “my hero”. In this movie his actions like a fight, emotions that make me laugh. I like Baymax’s personality, humbleness, his voice is quite soothing to hear. The movie directors Don Hall and Chris Williams have done a great job. Their animation work is very impressive there are a lot of details. The colors are smooth bright and look pleasing to my eye, and one of my most catchy Disney movies too, I love the whole movie and learned something from this movie – teamwork with friends. They. The villain Callaghan is an aged person but still, he looks handsome and courageous. His costume is ultimate, he wears a mask and his body is covered by microbots. Overall I think this is incredibly done, they managed to balance the fun and maturity. I look forward to the rest of the characters and it’s not a movie for everyone but I hope you love it

By Jeya Shree, Class X


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