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With four decades of rich experience in education field, imparting knowledge, ensuring quality education for every child, infusing values, inculcating confidence,
we, Guhan Matriculation higher secondary school, drive young minds towards their ambition.

Two countries, one Experience...

On September 2019, we welcomed our first international student Ms.Mariana Rabuske from São Borja, Rio Grande do Sul from Colégio Estadual São Borja (CESB) as a part of Rotary Youth Exchange program. This amazing girl has come from Brazil to our school to learn various things in our country, learn our culture, cuisines, languages etc. Having her in our school premises is a new experience for our students as they are being exposed to overseas culture for the first time.

Similarly, Ms.Vijaya Meenakshi, a 11std student of Guhan Matriculation higher secondary school Madurai, went to Colégio Teresa Verzeri in Brazil.


For both Mariana Rabuske and Vijaya Meenakshi, this program is truly a learning experience that transcends boundaries. We are thankful to the Rotary Club for giving our school this opportunity.

2019 is very much a year of globalization and celebration Indeed…

“There is an equal balance between learning and having fun”

On sharing fourteen years of my student life from kindergarten to higher secondary school, I can say that this school is the best place for learning and to become a better person. Teachers are kind, friendly and inspiring. There is an equal balance between learning and having fun. Our school not only focuses on academics but also on the life-skills which is very important. Our school provides a great platform to identify and develop our talents.
Anjana Shree

Bicycle rally

Students and staff from Guhan School Madurai on a bicycle rally to Keeladi excavation site in Sivagangai district on March 09 2019

One day in the life of a school student

An ISA (International School Award) project -The video clippings were shot candidly with the idea of giving the partner School in England – Wylye Valley School, a realistic picture of our school and to send them queries and questions our school students had


Hithendharsingh shares some tips about How to read Newspaper.

The Real top scorer is the one who graduates to become a responsible citizen

Our students thrive in a student friendly environment. They revel in their natural groups and cliques and learn at their own pace. ‘Mistakes’ are considered learning experiences and they are encouraged to make their own decisions too. This unique quality makes us one of the best schools in Madurai.


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