Student's Corner

The creativity among us

Guhan schools encourages and promotes art culture in a vibrant and inclusive manner. Our students are creative and talented in music, dance and visual arts .

Masters of Dance

Instructors at Guhan schools expose students to diverse dance and choreography as they explore dance as a language.

Music Geniuses

The ensemble programs in Guhan schools, both instrumental and choral offer numerous performance opportunities to all students despite their level of expertise.

Visualizing the Art

Fine Arts refers to all kinds of art forms such as drawing, Art from waste, ramp walk, singing, dancing, cooking and painting.

Various competitions were held to bring out the creativity of the students. It is a great opportunity to showcase student’s culinary, artistic, creative, dressing, and make-up skills.


INVICTUS is a team of enthusiastic individuals who believe physical activities should be integrated in to young children's life to create a foundation of movement and activity which will be carried with them through out the rest of their lives.

Here, you learn how to grow.

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