Stress Management

By Sowndarya Shree

Stress has become a common word to this modern generation of people. Even a kid also says he is being stressed a lot. In school, if the teacher has given extra homework or test they are saying it’s been stressed a lot. They do know how to manage their works and improper planning. This stress creates lots of health issues. Even if they are stressed a lot they get into depressed eating i.e., eating more junk food items. In simple they don’t get into any physical activities. At least we need to have 7 hours of sleep but we started to work time to earn more. Running behind money what’s the use in it.

Take your work or any task in a sportive way never look to it more as I have this much of work plan yourself have a scheduled timing for you.

Within this time, I need to close my works and get into some physical activities like yoga, walking, spend time with my family daily. If we miss all these in small age no use in looking back and feeling in the age ’50s. profession varies from person to person keep a schedule to break out this stress. You may wonder does this stress leads to health issues in what way? For a woman, it leads to PCOS, PCOD which is a common disease among young generation girls.

As there is a change in time of works. People are stressed not only with jobs even in relationships, financial issues. How we get into stress is a common factor? We demand more with less remuneration. I herewith attach few points on how I get rid of this stress.

  1. Relax well 
  2. Hearing songs with full sound along with it dance 
  3. Walking and other exercises 
  4. Spending time with family 
  5. Taking pics 
  6. Spending for myself

Spend time for yourself daily at least an hour.

Anyway, from the point of homemaker definitely get into the same routine taking care of families, cleaning the house and cooking, etc., simple though you are a homemaker enrich yourself in many activities basically don’t think am going to be in the home let me wear nightdresses and do my works. Stop this first though being in dress up neatly a motivation and happiness arises from this.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle is quite common for working as well as non-working people. Take all your work in happily in a way we are going to acquire knowledge from it. Six months once have a trip create some memories with your family members and at your weekends you can have a long drive. It’s 100% we are in adapting all technologies. when we enter into a corporate world we have to change with it similarly we need to spend time and to get rid of this stress.

Plan the work regularly and keep doing the tasks as per your schedule. No use in dumping all works in a day then what about the rest of the weeks. Go around your areas get some fresh air and sky up yourself often. Raise yourself look around the world. Stop comparing with other people and love yourself look at yourself daily and say simply being good today. Who else is there to motivate you rather than others.  Throw and arise away and throw the word stress and take the tasks happily.



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