Traveling to the Future

By Rishitha

Meeting myself in the future will be a fantasy for me

I hope my future will be like a world in which dreams come true – like the things which we think will be in our hands in just a fraction of second. My future should have the pills which can make a human live for hundreds of years. I hope it will happen.

I am very excited to see my beautiful future. But our past should be strong for a beautiful future. People should understand that.

Many people think that this world has no future. It’s false, it’s upon their point of view. But in my POV I think we can have a beautiful future which can be very healthy if we use our technology in a good way. These are all the things that I can suggest doing the world for a beautiful future.

I think in my future, in 2040 things will change very quickly. I just want a bright future filled with less and good use of technology.

By Rishitha, Class X


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