My Dream

By Surya Prakash

My dream is to become an IPS officer. I am choosing this job to catch the all culprits in Tamilnadu. I will become an honest and sincere police officer. My role model is IPS Jankid, because he was very honest and sincere police officer. I decided to become a police officer when I was studying the 1st standard. I and my cousins create a team ‘SPY GANGERS’ when I was studying in the 4th standard. We create this team to help people and my family. My other dream is to achieve an International level in yoga and to win the SGFI government match in yoga. When I was studying in the 4th standard I participated in a yoga competition through my school and I won 3rd place. At that time I decided to learn yoga. My parents enrolled me in a yoga class seeing my interest. I like that yoga class and I won a state-level yoga competition. To achieve my all goals I want education, so I am concentrating on studies and I will get good marks in my upcoming higher classes.

By Surya Prakash, Class VI


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  1. Wignesha

    Wish you all the best to achieve your goals, Surya.

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